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Ten key words outline 2017 traffic signal control industry

Time:2018-01-08 Views:546
Traffic signal control plays an important role in organizing, directing and controlling the flow direction, flow rate and flow rate of traffic flow, and maintaining the traffic order. Traffic control signals are separated from each other in time so as to be passed at different times to ensure traffic control Safety, at the same time forcing the traffic flow through the junctions in an orderly manner, improving the efficiency and capacity through intersection, reducing noise and reducing the environmental pollution caused by vehicle exhaust.
In fact, traffic signals that have been compared to "tail" have in the past not been subject to too much attention from the industry. Since May 2016, the BTMB has issued the "Work Plan for Promoting the Standardization of Urban Road Traffic Signs and Markings" and the "Proposal for Urban Traffic Signal Lights Smart work program "(hereinafter referred to as the" two "document), the industry more and more discussion of traffic signals. So, in 2017, what content has become the hot direction?
Internet + traffic signal
In 2016, Alibaba made the incident such as "the furthest distance in the world is the distance between traffic lights and traffic cameras". As a result, the drops of wisdom lights, the research platform of Baidu wisdom lights, and the arrival of Internet + traffic signals gradually came to light.
Due to the hype of data on the Internet and the mystery of its products, the hot industry has never diminished.
First of all, it can be affirmed that the global and continuous characteristics of Internet data play a powerful role in supporting the evaluation of the effect of signal timing optimization and the division of program periods. Internet + traffic signal control and optimization are mainly located in the system based on data, the use of cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology for dynamic evaluation of urban road network traffic status, and through the establishment of traffic model for the signal from point to line to surface optimization Provide services. Internet companies have advantages in collecting vehicle trajectory information and can reflect the macro and meso-level situation.
However, the internet + traffic signal is based on big data and is a traveler‘s behavior data using Drift software, which uses the Gaude map, so data quality becomes an important consideration for the viability of Internet + traffic signal technology. Relatively speaking, due to the characteristics of the business, the coverage of the data in the city is more balanced, and the adaptability of the technical application signal timing area is better. The main navigation-based Baidu map, high German map in the city center area a little outside the data coverage better.
Thirdly, the penetration rate (the percentage of vehicles with data collected on the Internet in a hundred passing cars), one of the key parameters of the Internet data of great concern before, has been the key to judging the quality of Internet + traffic signals. However, from the technical documents provided by several Internet companies to Saiver Transport Network (BAD technical analysis article about Internet + traffic signals will be released in the near future) Permeability is not a problem, but the key lies in the sample size, Of the sample size.
Fourthly, the large-scale use of Internet + traffic signals also faces competition with traditional signal vendors. Although Internet data and signal manufacturers have cooperation, but the communication between the signal and the signal rarely get through, but sooner or later this layer of ice will be broken.
Traffic Signal Optimization Market Changes
After the promulgation of the "two cultures" documents, a signal was given to the traffic signal industry after some cheering and finally returning to the market.
From the perspective of market participants, in addition to professional service providers, traffic signal equipment manufacturers and research institutes, in addition a few system integrators and design consulting firms and design institutes also participate in market competition. Baidu, drops and other Internet companies have begun to participate in signal optimization services.
According to the number of projects, Cheng Jian, general manager of the Traffic Management System Division of Nanjing Les Information Co., Ltd., said that after the promulgation of the "Two Changes" documents, the demand for the project was obviously concentrated in several first-tier cities and capital cities, but in 2017, The cities have benefited second and third tier cities, evolving from the developed eastern regions to the western regions.
In project mode, traffic optimization service contents began to be separated from integrated projects in 2017. In many areas, the contents of traffic organization, traffic timing and system application operation were taken into consideration in the expansion and reconstruction of intelligent transportation system , And solo as a package bidding. In an interview in September 2017, Chen Ningning, CEO of Guangdong ZhenYou Technology Co., Ltd., told SaiWen Transportation Network that signal optimization service projects increased 2-3 times more than last year. In addition, Obviously felt less objection, the user‘s attention is also rising.
From the project price point of view, Qingdao Haixin Network Technology Co., Ltd. Ma Xiaolong, general manager of urban transport division said that from 2016, Guangzhou, Harbin, the tender price, the average single-point price of only 3000-4000 yuan to the late projects such as Shenzhen, Zigong, Yinchuan And other projects, the price increased to about 7,000 yuan, showing an upward trend, increasing emphasis on signal tuning around the service, and gradually increase costs.
In the market research report of China Traffic Signal Timing Optimization and Evaluation 2016-2017 published by Saiwen Traffic Network and Hangzhou Vision Technology Co., Ltd., the average price of signal timing optimization service in 2017 was about 7200 yuan / year .
Signal vendors focus on signal optimization
Qingdao Hisense Network Technology Co., Ltd. from the end of last year active in signal timing optimization project market. In addition, Nanjing Rice Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhejiang University Information Technology Co., Ltd., Silver River Co., Ltd. and other companies also have access to independent optimization in the market timing projects.
Conventional signal vendors focusing on system construction have also started to increase the allocation of departmental / post resources optimized for traffic signal timing. Xiang Junjie Smart Electronics Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Xiang Junping, director of introduction, Jerry formed a signal optimization service team, and actively carry out internal training, including the development of software to meet the needs of the signal optimization services market.
Nanjing Rice has also done a lot of work on signal system optimization and control. Cheng Jian introduction, most of the signal detection system optimization are based on the cross section, this year Nanjing Rice combined with some of the advantages of detection equipment, research and pilot start based on the optimization of queuing interval, combined with a single direction of the junction, the junction of the upstream and downstream linkage perfect Some strategy parameters configure the control functions and algorithms. Especially in the increasingly saturated and even saturated commuter time zone control, gradually and effectively replace the peak of manual intervention lamp. In addition, Rice is also thinking about the application of Internet trajectory data in signal control and evaluation, but it is still in its infancy.
For manufacturers, through signal optimization timing entry point, but also to further expand the regional signal or integrated market share expectations.